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At Able Die Casting we strongly believe that the more informed our
customer is the stronger our partnership will be with them. We have
a tremendous amount of repeat business with a longevity of our
relationships that are due in part to our helpfulness and willingness
to educate our customer. This in essence ensures a quality end
product that all parties are satisfied with.

To this end, this part of our website was created
to aid our customers in whatever they need to
grow their own business and ensure their own
success in their marketplace

Download Name Size Type
Tooling for Die Casting 452.3 KB PDF
Die Cast Production Specifications 56.9 KB PDF
Chemical Composition Zn and ZA Alloys Table 254.6 KB PDF
Chemical Composition Magnesium Alloys Table 259.2 KB PDF
Chemical Composition Aluminum Alloys Table 279.2 KB PDF
Engineering and Design: Coordinate Dimensioning 855.4 KB PDF
Designing Die Casting to Structural Criteria 2,314.5 KB PDF
Design of An Electronic Enclosure for Die Casting Production 758.3 KB PDF
Design of A Bracket for Die Casting Production 1,579.8 KB PDF
iso_certificate 1,254.2 KB PDF
iso_certificate_2009 570.9 KB PDF